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Mitteldeutsche Zeitung

Staatskapelle Halle – Beethoven, Symphony No. 9
A performance of this titanic work always engenders high expectations, and the Staatskapelle was in no way unsatisfying. The well-formed orchestra gave its best to fulfil the demands of this score with motivic intensity, high-dramatic expression, the wild power of the Scherzo and the boundless energy of the Finale.
Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, 3. Jan 2008

New Haven Register

New Haven
Symphony Orchestra - Berlioz, Beethoven, Bartok
Leonard, impish but commanding… From the first string passages to the deeply felt liquid melody, the orchestra played with a unity which gave the hall a rich, reverberating aura. Absolutely gorgeous.  Leonard drew the intensity from the players like a chef from his assistants.  We were swept away.  Leonard flying from section to section, urging, suggesting—and then revealed the masterful finale, big, bold and proud.  Leonard was impressive and this reviewer would return.
D. Robinson, New Haven Register, 4. March 2007

Das Opernglas

Volkstheater Rostock - Bohuslav Martin
u, Die Drei Wünsche
With Peter Leonard, the demanding score was in the best of hands.  He shaped the complicated music forms with structure and switched smoothly between the most varied of style elements.
S. Martens, Opernglas, March 2007


The orchestra under Peter Leonard was dynamic and fully committed.  The poly-stylistic approach of the composer was persuasively presented.
Matthias Nöther, Opernwelt, March 2007


With unremitting drive, conductor Peter Leonard spurred the North German Philharmonic through the colorful and varied musical score with technical and stylistic mastery.
M. Baumgartl, Ostsee Zeitung, 22 Jan. 2007


Under music director Peter Leonard, the orchestra slipped easily into its various roles:  everything from quietly accompanying opera orchestra to a resounding symphonic sound in the interludes for orchestra alone.
H.J. Staszak, Norddeutsche Nachrichten, 22.Jan. 2007